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Since our establishment in September 1997, we have been focusing on providing rapid, effective and competitive solutions to our customers in various critical industries.

Throughout the years, we have continually invests in innovation, automation and human capital to improve our manufacturing processes. With our unique manufacturing method and processes, we strive to provide high quality products and services that would satisfy the needs of our customer.

Having established for more than 30 years, our specialization has now expanded from metal stamping to the sphere of laser cutting, engineering and design, tool fabrication, soft tool/ prototyping, electronic sub-assembly and secondary process (spray paint powder coat & printing).

Company Outline

Registered Address

No. 6&8 , Jalan Mahir 5, Taman Perindustrian Cemerlang
Ulu Tiram, 81800 Johor


Number of Employee

  • 150 – 200


  • 11th September, 1997


  • +607-8637322

Land Area

  • Plant A : 110,233.21 sqft
  • Plant B : 14,402.11 sqft
  • Plant C : 52,841.22 sqft

Machine / Facilities / Equipment

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